High Hopes for the Cheer Season

High Hopes for the Cheer Season

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Since the relaunch of the program six years ago, the LMC competitive cheer team has continued to grow and strive for success. This year,  the team has high hopes to take the gold at their District competition.

This small team consist of four Juniors, Ashley Herrera, Chloe Simmons, Mariah Sirk, and Katie Wertheimer, and two Sophomores, Alexis Braley and Kacey Ristow, has qualified for the regionals the past two years, but they have failed to win, coming in third and fourth place out of the twelve teams. This year, both the coaches and cheerleaders have confidence that with hard work, they have the talent take another title home for LMC.

Last year, the team turned heads with the mastery of collegiate level stunts that are considered by patrons of the sport as both very unique and impressive. In their round three routine they were able to compete stunts that included one-handed ground ups, where the bases lift the flyer from the ground to an extension with one hand, and a full-up, a commonly known collegiate level stunt where the flyer makes a full 360 degree rotation on the way up to an extension.

Though the ladies agree that their abilities in stunting are nearly limitless, there are still many skills and techniques that they need to improve, including jumps and tumbling. With the loss of one senior, the girls are now in need of another back walkover for the skills portion of their round two sequence, where a precision drill, tumbling, and jumping is displayed.

Luckily, they have some other options that come into play with their new comer, Kacey Ristow. They are hoping that with some dedication, the coaches can train the girls to obtain both a back walkover and the triple splits, transitioning from left splits, to right splits, and then to middle, to account for points in the second round of competition.

They also have some issues with jumps. Although there are quite a few gifted jumpers, the group as a whole has some issues ranging from leg location in the jump, to height.

Head coach, Josh Fairbanks, in very excited for the season, despite previous hesitation to coach.

¨This season, we return five amazing competitive cheerleaders and love to add some great talent to the squad with eyes on the crown at Districts, the Laker cheer team is looking to remain  one of the most talented starting programs in all of Southwest Michigan.¨
It appears that the LMC competitive cheerleading team will be turning some heads this season, if they can improve their issues regarding their lack of back walkovers and improve some basic skills. The team may be small, but they have the skills and talent that can lead to a very successful upcoming season.