Barbott Farms and Greenhouse Spooky Corn Maze

Barbott Farms and Greenhouse Spooky Corn Maze

Diego Nerio

Barbott Farm- On Saturday, October 29, my family and I went on a trip to the Barbott Farm and Greenhouse Corn Maze.

When we arrived at the farm, we were all very excited. We all got off the car and entered a big red barn. In the barn, there were three pictures of three different corn mazes.

We went up to one of the people who worked at the corn maze and they help us get all the information like the map and the book full of clues.

I started to wander around while my parents were getting the information, I found out that they have over 400 acres of land.

As we were walking toward the entrance of the corn maze, My father pointed out that we had to choose between three different corn mazes.

After a couple of minutes, we chose the hardest one. My sister entered first because we had chosen her to lead us to one of the checkpoints, We chose the wrong person. On the first one we had already gotten lost and my sister said she wasn’t lost but she was.

After a while, my dad took the map and lead us to the first checkpoint. Each checkpoint had a clue on who stole Farmer Joe. When we grabbed the information we headed out to  checkpoint two. It was my turn to lead the group.

I started out great but we ended up in a dead end. My family kept on asking me if I was lost but I responded: “no this is all part of my plan” even though I was lost. Once again my dad was a little frustrated so he took over.

My sister and I took an hour and a half to find two checkpoints, it took him an hour to find three.  Once we finished the corn maze which was a boatload of fun, we did the other two for fun. Overall The Barbott farm was spooky and fun.