Should Halloween Really be a Holiday?

Should Halloween Really be a Holiday?

Katie Wertheimer


UNITED STATES: Is Halloween a holiday? This question has sweeped the nation as a common debate, but the answer is not a simple as some may view it.

Halloween is an annual celebration that falls on October 31. Every year, this night features festive decorations, coveted candy, and creative costumes worn by people of all ages.

A majority of citizens view this day as simply just another day, due to the fact that work remains in session and it is not federally recognized as a holiday. For the rest of the world, this day is treasured and anticipated for months in advance and seen by a great deal of people as the “best holiday.”

Halloween, despite the the nation’s failure to recognize it, should be a holiday. All Hallow’s Eve, along with Valentine’s day, Hanukkah, etc, is included in an array of religious festivities that have deep sentimental value to those who celebrate them.

These day’s lack of recognition does not demerit their value to the world. Another example of a holiday being decided, based on its religious values, is Christmas, a commonly celebrated and a federally recognized holiday.

Although there are those who have varying beliefs and celebrate other holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanza around the month of December, they do not receive the same acknowledgment. These holidays are not considered official holidays, but the people who celebrate them surely see them as such, and this includes Halloween.

If we only considered federally recognized holidays as legitimate, we would lose the joy that comes with those special days. This free country allows its citizens  to have their own individual beliefs and they should not fail to celebrate these days based on a judgement call.

Another sign that provides evidence that Halloween is a holiday, is the definition of a holiday itself. When one were to look up what a holiday is, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the first definition to appear is “a holy day.”

Although drawn from Pagan rituals, Halloween was, given the name All Hallows Eve to celebrate the Christian holiday. While this night is not considered a federal holiday, where one is exempt from work, it is still observed and thought of as a staple in our society.

Junior, Melanie Kibler, is especially in favor of acceptance of this night as a holiday and tends to go to extreme lengths to give this celebration the credit it deserves.

“It is very important that Halloween is recognized as a holiday. It brings so much joy into the lives of people. The fact that this holiday is not accepted as such is very disappointing, but that small issue should not get in the way of celebrating the night, especially because there are many important days of the year that are not recognized as holiday’s, but still carry sentimental value to others.”

Although this issue is opinion based on ,whether you celebrate the night or not, no one should neglect this night of festivities based on this misdemeanor against Halloween. Instead, it should be viewed purely as a night that allows many to just simply have fun and enjoyment.