Trick-or-Treat? The Best and Worst Candies of Halloween


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Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC-  One of the many things kids love about Halloween is trick-or-treating.  But sometimes they don’t always get the best candy.

This year, take a quick look through your bag of candy and see what you have. Maybe you have some great treats, but sometimes you just get disgusting tricks.

Below are my five worst, five best chocolate, and five best fruit-flavored candies that you can get on Halloween night.


#5- Smarties- Probably an unpopular ranking for most people, but Smarties have never impressed me, these are way to sweet and the chalky texture ruins them.

#4- Not Candy- This may not qualify for the list but I personally would rather not get candy at all then the other candies on this list.

#3- Licorice- Twizzlers are the ONLY exception to this and even they are borderline bad in my opinion.  Licorice lies to the people, the flavors never taste like they are supposed to and are disgusting.

#2- Runts/Gobstoppers- Once again way too sweet, they don’t even taste like fruit and actually, they all taste the same to me.  I hate these with a burning passion.

#1- Candy Corn- No, just no.  This is a sick, sick trick played on innocent trick-or-treaters.



#5- M&M’s- This is a classic Halloween candy, but while they remain fairly plain the simplicity and consistent flavor makes them a great get on Halloween.

#4- Twix- The cookie component makes Twix extremely underrated, it adds that element that is missing in other chocolate bars.  But Right and Left Twix are still the same, come on.

#3- Reese’s Cups- Some may say that chocolate and peanut butter are the greatest combination of all time, I personally disagree but I am always down for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  They give you a full-sized cup on Halloween other than those that make it smaller.

#2- Milky Way- They have always been my favorite chocolate candy personally, and that’s pretty much why they are this high, but if you haven’t already try the Milky Way Midnight, try it, they’re bomb.

#1- Kit-Kat- Kit-Kats are so great.  I love the wafer and chocolate coating and on Halloween all different versions are given, I’m talking classic, dark, white, mint, whatever else there is but Kit-Kats are always diverse on Halloween.



#5- Dots- If you don’t know what Dots are, they are gumdrops, but on Halloween they come in a nice, snack-sized box and classic flavors like cherry, lemon, and lime.  Like Twix, Dots are common to hand out but also very underrated.

#4- Sour Patch Kids- If you get these on Halloween you are very lucky because they are not seen as often.  What else can I say they are “Sour, Sweet, Gone.”

#3- Starburst- Starburst always come in two on Halloween.  The game that is played guessing what flavors are in the package is always fun.  Only bad thing is they come in the wrapper and we want candy not paper, get it together Starburst!

#2- Skittles- Skittles are a very common treat on Halloween, also very classic flavors.  Great proportions as well because they are still in the bag-like package. I mean, who doesn’t like Skittles?  If you don’t, figure it out because you are missing out bigtime.

#1- Mike and Ikes- Very, very rare but they are becoming more common as of late.  Maybe because they are the greatest candy of all time or because there are so many versions of them that the flavors are endless.  Real fruit juice is supposedly put in the candy, and it tastes like it because they are so juicy and pack a ton of flavor. No tricks here, these are the greatest Halloween treat.