Halloween (1978) v. Halloween (2018) Movie Showdown

Halloween (1978) v. Halloween (2018) Movie Showdown

Melanie Kibler

It has been 40 years since the 1st Halloween was released and the Halloween franchise still won’t die.  With the new movie comes the question “which movie is better?”

Well you don’t have ask yourself that any longer because you are about to get educated. Before we can decide which movie is better we must first review each one individually.

Halloween (1978): This movie is a disgrace.  It is utterly horrible and should not be watched.  I know the point of a slasher film is to have stupid characters run around and get murdered, but the decisions of these characters are so dumb that it is a wonder that they hadn’t been killed before the movie had even started.

All the characters, except Michael Myers’ sister, deserved to get killed.  The 1st girl realized that her car was locked so she went to get her keys. When she came back it was unlocked.  Now for most people that would be a huge red flag, but apparently this is normal for girl 1, so she got in. Unsurprisingly, Michael Myers was in the car and she was murdered.

Now we move on to the next two people who were slaughtered.  They go into the house, where their friend is supposed to be, but isn’t, and just hang out.  They stay there for a while, totally ignoring that it is not normal for all the lights to be off.  Anyway they both die as well, so onto the “Last Girl.”

This is a horror movie trope that is used very often and I don’t fault Halloween for using it, but I do fault them for having Laurie survive.  She made more stupid mistakes then anyone else, though this might be because she was alive longer.

There are multiple times when she is walking around in the dark when all she has it do is FLIP ON A LIGHTSWITCH.  Also she stabs Michael Myers and then doesn’t check to see if he is dead. She then proceeds to leave his knife right in front of the body and walk away.  

She doesn’t do this just once, oh no, she does it TWICE.  WHY?! Why are you doing this, you stupid girl?

Overall this is a bad movie and I do not recommend wasting your time by watching.


Halloween (2018): This movie is not as infuriating as the 1st.  Though it does have some problems, but what horror movie doesn’t?

The movie starts 40 years after the 1st Halloween massacre and completely ignores the other 9 movies that happened between these two.  Instead it is implied the Michael was captured shortly after the end of the original movie.

There are many nods to the original movie, including how Michael is now free.  I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with a mental hospital not giving him enough security.

Also Laurie is back (yay), but now she is a grandmother who has spent her last 40 years training for the day that “The Bogeyman” escapes.  Along with training with various weapons, she has also built herself a bunker in the middle of the woods. (We will get to that later.)

Not only has she ruined her entire life doing this, but also the life of her daughter.  At least until age 12 when child protective services came and rescued the poor thing.

Obviously Michael escapes and walks (quite slowly) around killing random people.  That is until he decides to go after Laurie, since she managed to escape him all those years ago.

Laurie’s daughter, Karen, and her husband head to Laurie’s house.  Not sure that’s the best plan, since Michael is dead set on killing Laurie, but you do you Karen.

It is reassuring to see that after all these years Laurie is still quite stupid.  You think she would learn, but no, apparently that was too much to ask for.

We will start with the house.  It actually is a great design, with a cool under-the-counter hiding place and everything.  Unfortunately it isn’t great at keeping out big, hulking, serial killers. This is due to the fact that, even though the are 12 different ways to keep the door locked, there is also glass on both sides.  Laurie, honey, he can break glass and then unlock all of the fancy locking things.

After Michael breaks into the house, he heads upstairs to draw Laurie out, since she wants to kill him too.  He hides in a room with creepy mannequins and instead of turning on a light, she decides using her flashlight would be a better thing to do. *sigh*

This scene is actually really cool, if you ignore the stupidity, because there is some role reversal from the original.  First Michael makes it look like he is hiding in the closet, which is what Laurie did 40 years ago. Next Laurie is pushed off of her balcony and when Michael looks away and back again she is gone.  Which is how Michael disappeared in the 1st movie.

I won’t tell how it all goes down, because spoilers, but there is a good chance that the franchise might finally be finished.  Maybe. Honestly Michael Myers is superhuman and can’t seem to stay dead, so we might get another movie.

This movie was quite good actually, and if you like slashers it is definitely worth a watch, but once might be enough.

The Verdict: In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I prefer the remake to the original.  The acting was better, there were better jump scares and most of all there was a bit less stupidity.  But maybe you don’t feel the same. Leave a comment and tell us which movie you like better and why.