Top Halloween Costumes 2k18

Top Halloween Costumes 2k18

Ashley Herrera

The World- Halloween’s here and people don’t know what to dress up as or what a good halloween costume is. When you search up on Google for the top halloween costumes, there are 48 costumes top costume from 43 different states that come up.

Starting from 48- Paw Patrol, 47- IT, 46- Little Red Riding Hood, 45- Gray Wolf, 44- Mickey Mouse, 43- Pig, 42- Nun, 41- Dragon, 40- Deadpool, 39- Star War characters, 38- Moana, 37-Joker, 36- Lion, 35- Power Rangers, 34- Mario, 33- Minnie Mouse, 32- Ghost, 31- Skeleton, 30- Devil, 29- Belle, 28- Angel, 27- Fairy, 26- Shark, 25- Cheerleader, 24- Chucky, 23-Pumpkin, 22- Vampire, 21- Black Panther, 20- Bear, 19- The 1980’s, 18-Batman, 17- a Doll, 16- Zombie, 15- Mermaid, 14- The Incredibles, 13- a Mouse, 12- Wonder Woman, 11- Clown, 10- Princess, 9- Rabbit, 8- Pirate, 7- Superhero, 6- Harley Quinn, 5-Witch, 4-Dinosaur, 3- Unicorn, 2- Spider-Man, 1- Fortnite.

The number one costumes searched up on the internet is Fortnite character, which was a super famous video game now. In my opinion, I think the number one costume in the US shouldn’t be Fortnite characters because it’s just a video game that was just now uploaded. In the previous days of Halloween there are many people dressed up as either Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, or other scary characters.

In the past, there were many people dressed up as a scary person from a movie or a tv show, or even a famous person. So Fortnite characters shouldn’t be the number one when there are so many people dressed up at Halloween as a character from a movie or someone famous. It was shocking to find out that Fortnite was the number one looked up costume in 43 states.

In my opinion the number one costume should be Horror movie characters like Freddy Krueger, IT, Jason Voorhees, and more. More people are starting to watch the newer horror movies and with the characters becoming known again. The number one costume for Halloween this year should be horror movie characters.