Top Seven Best Lifetime Movies

Katie Wertheimer

Many have heard of the enigmas that are Lifetime movies, but they still continue to be unappreciated. These series of films are not only readily available, but span a wide range of genres that appeal to all; whether you are looking for a tear jerker, or have the desire to sit on the edge of your seat wondering who tried to murder the teenage girl, Lifetime movies are truly a simple pleasure in the world that many are unaware of. These movies are commonly found when channel surfing, but after reading this list of the best Lifetime movies, you too will subscribe to the lifetime movie club where new films are added weekly to feed your desire to watch every single one.


Disclosure: Lifetime movies commonly display mature themes and graphic images that many viewers may find upsetting or inappropriate. Also, they are highly addictive.


  1. His Perfect Obsession

His Perfect Obsession is a Lifetime original about a mother who returns to her hometown with her blind, teenage daughter following the death of her aunt. She soon finds herself being stalked by a former friend who had a crush on her as teenager. It began as an innocent attraction, but quickly escalated to a deadly fixation as he begins to form a life for the three of them; complete with a new house, a gun, and a kidnapping.


  1. Conrad and Michelle: If Words Could Kill

This film, based on a true story, surrounds the relationship between two teenagers, both suffering from severe depression and other mental ailments. They meet while vacationing in Florida and immediately form a connection and spend months discussing their angst and problems with many ups and downs. When the relationship ends in the suicide of young baseball player, Conrad Roy, thanks to the  master manipulation of Michelle Carter, debates swept across the nation on whether she was guilty of manslaughter, despite the fact that she did not officially commit the deed.


  1. No One Would Tell

This Lifetime Movie, surrounding the issue of domestic violence, stars Shannen Doherty as the mother of Sarah, a teenage girl who begins dating the most popular and seemingly perfect boy in her class, Rob Tennison. They quickly become the ¨it¨ couple at school, but behind closed doors, they are not as happy as it may seem. When Sarah goes missing after attempting to break up with her boyfriend, it is up to her mom and her best friend to prove that the Sarah´s blood is on the hands on her abusive boyfriend.


  1. Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic, based on a book by V.C. Andrews, is a story that revolves around four young children who live a seemingly perfect life. After the death of their father, however, their lives begin to crumble as family secrets are unleashed. Every aspect of their world changes from their house to their last name. They find themselves locked in the attic of their secret grandmother’s house with no way to leave after being abandoned by their mother. This film introduces many ideas including incest and the true definition of what makes a family. It is a must see for all Lifetime movie addicts.


  1. Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey

This film is based on a real story of a seventeen year old girl who is abducted by serial killer, Bobby Joe Long. She was torchered and held for two days. While being there, she used her brilliant mind to collect evidence including leaving fingerprints and DNA to be later identified by the police. Her innocent and kind demeanor eventually won the killer over to develop feelings for her and finally let her go. After she is let go, she returns home and to the police force who fail to believe that she was truly abducted. That is, until one cop listens to her story, recognizing her genius mind and uses her to catch the killer who had hurt so many before her. Be warned that this particular movie is more graphic and upsetting compared to others, but it is very entertaining and would appeal to anyone interested in the field of psychology.


  1. The Bad Seed

It was very difficult to make this decision to place The Bad Seed  in second place on the list, being that this movie is so entertaining and frightening. Directed by and starring Rob Lowe, this movie surrounds a father with a daughter, Emma, who he sees as the perfect child. Later on, after a tragedy occurs in their town, he begins to wonder if his sweet daughter is as innocent as she seems. When their lives begin to be surrounded by the deaths of Emma’s nanny, her teacher, and a young boy in her class, her father makes some assumptions about his little girl that are quite unfathomable to imagine. While watching along with the movie, you can witness the dramatic irony of the plot and follow along with the crimes of an elementary school girl.

1.Cheerleader murders

The top spot on the list goes to the movie Cheerleader Murders. This film will leave you guessing up until the last moment as you experience every twist and turn incorporated into the story. Ellie is a high school cheerleader with a new boyfriend and the best friends anyone could ask for, but when her two friends go missing it is up to her to solve the mystery of who abducted them. When one of them is found dead, she is racing against the clock to find the suspect. All of her investigating led her to multiple different people including her coach, her teacher, and her new boyfriend. It is truly impossible to not be entranced in this Lifetime thriller.


Now that you are aware of these Lifetime hits, you may want to cash in your sick days, crash on the couch, and fill up on snacks as you experience each and every one.