Flash Flood Strikes Fear in France

Flash Flood Strikes Fear in France

Melanie Kibler

France – In southwest France there has severe flash flooding, causing an overflow of water on roads and in drains.  The flash floods have killed about a dozen of people, according to local news.

The amount of rain that has fallen overnight is equivalent  to the amount of rain that usually falls in a three month time span.  Some areas saw up to 14 inches added in just a few hours.

The high water  flowed with so much force that it tore bridges and homes from their foundations.  People were forced to run to higher ground to try and reach safety.

Authorities are not quite sure how many people have been killed.  They initially placed the death toll at 13, lowered it down to 10, and then the Interior Ministry said that 12 people had been killed.

The government has been fully mobilized to help people during this crisis. 350 firefighters, 160 police officers, and seven helicopters have been deployed to help.  

Meteo, France has issued a red warning for the Aude River, because of the flooding.  They are urging people who live in that area to be constantly vigilant.

Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and schools are closed in all the affected areas.

The students of LMC have many things to say about this horrible event.

When asked about the flooding Junior Kathleen Krieger said, “It’s horrible what happened to those people.  I hope that everyone is able to get to safety and that the croissants aren’t soggy.”

Senior Cole Tubman also had an opinion about the flooding.  “I think that it very sad that 12 people have died already, I just hope that no more will get hurt.”

The students of LMC are praying for all the people in France and everyone who is effected.