It’s Out With the Old and In With the New!


Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Over the past two weeks Lake Michigan Catholic High School and Middle School students have been getting used to a new policy that has been implicated into every classroom.  The new LMC policy requires each student to use a hall pass when leaving the classroom and in some classes, the students must sign out at the time that they leave, and sign back in when they have returned.  

These hall passes have definitely changed the students perspectives on their time spent outside of the classroom.  Some students failed to agree with the policy at first, but now have no problem with it because they’ve had to chance to get used to it for two weeks now.

“Because the school feels that they need to monitor the students more, I think that this is the best way of going about the issue.  The students in general had a bad first impression just because it’s a noticeable change, but after a week or two with the policy, it’s not all that bad, said junior Elena Proos.

Unlike Proos, there are still students that find the policy is not helping whatsoever and actually believe for it to be having a negative impact on the school as a whole.  

Some students believe that the school is taking too serious of measures by implementing these hall passes due to the fact that the school now monitors the students whereabouts at all times.  They feel that they should be allowed to leave the classroom to use the restroom when they need to and that the keep students from leaving the classroom entirely.

On the other hand, this new policy has truly made the students manage their time outside of the classroom more efficiently because now they know that they might not even be granted the chance to leave the classroom.

Sophomore, Andrew Glotzbach feels that the hall passes have their perks and their downsides.  “I think the hall passes are punishing everyone for the tomfoolery of a few during class time.  It is inefficient only letting one person go to the bathroom at a time. Still, it has good perks, like encouraging students to go before class.”

Students only get four minutes in between class periods to put their previous classroom supplies away and grab their other materials for their next class.  Also within that time, students have the chance to use the restroom if needed to do so.

However, some teachers will still count students tardy even if they explain that they were just using the restroom.  The most efficient way for students to find time to use the restroom between class periods is if they grab their books for their next class, go to their teacher before the bell rings and ask if they can go restroom, so even if they come back after the bell rings, their teacher will most likely not count them as tardy.  

Freshman, Chloe Mills says, “I think it is a positive impact on the school because it won’t let anyone skip class, but it could also be a negative problem because if one specific person uses the hall pass all the time, others have to wait until that one person gets back if that student uses the hall pass in every class.”

The example of students asking their teachers to use the restroom before the bell rings also gives other students an advantage because even though there are now hall passes, some teachers only let a specific amount of students leave their classroom during the given hour.

This new policy has made a major impact not only on the students themselves, but also the staff and administration.  

LMC high school science teacher Mrs. Zebell says, “From the perspective of a teacher, I think these hall passes are a good thing. They may not be ‘necessary’ but they provide consistency between the teachers and expectations for the students. There are always students that will abuse privileges and leaving the classroom is a privilege, not a right. The hall passes provide a way to keep the abusers accountable for their actions and a way for teachers to provide evidence should the need arise for disciplinary action. Hall passes also provide an easy way for staff members and other teachers to know if a student is where they are supposed to be during the day. This is especially useful in case of emergencies. I think the use of hall passes is a good idea.”

Overall, some of the staff and students may have conflicting views about the new hall passes, but they are accumulating to them together.  LMC has made many changes this year and these new hall passes are just one of the few things that have brought about temporary controversy.  

Now, all the staff and students can do is implement and follow this new policy and see how it will all turn out in the long run.