Category 4 Hurricane Michael Leaves Its Mark in the Southeast


Michael Markoch

FLORIDA PANHANDLE- On Wednesday October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael officially made landfall in the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas as a category 4 storm.  Michael reached land as the 3rd-most powerful hurricane that has ever reached the U.S. mainland.

Over 900,000 homes throughout the region are without power and the death toll has risen to 17 as of Saturday, October 13.  Michael has left a long track of damage throughout the region, destroying buildings, bridges, and blowing over trees.

Georgia was hit the worst as they experienced severe crop damage, dispatched livestock, especially chickens, and a public health emergency was issued during the week.  States like Florida and South Carolina also had many broken homes and severe power outages.

Another major effect of Hurricane Michael was the life-threatening floods.  The Carolinas can’t catch a break as flooding regions from Hurricane Florence earlier in the year were struck yet again with even more damage being done to the overall region from the prior storm.  Virginia also experienced flooding as the Roanoke River overflowed and left about two feet of water in nearby homes.

The most catastrophic damage occured in Mexico Beach, as the entire city has been wiped away meaning homes, trees, crops, and the beach itself is completely gone.  Many people there did not evacuate and it’s still unclear if whether or not some eventually made it out of the storm.

President Donald Trump has been actively reaching out to citizens affected saying on Twitter that he will be visiting all regions affected by the storm during the upcoming week and that all victims have full support from Americans around the nation.

Overall, many people lost their homes and some even lost their lives due to this horrible storm.  Relief efforts are underway so remember to help out all those people affected by Hurricane Michael.  


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