From Teacher to Principal

Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC –  New school, new principal. We welcome Mr. Joe Schmidt as Lake Michigan Catholics new principal for the middle and high school.

Mr. Schmidt has been part of the Laker Family for some time. Schmidt has been an English and Journalism for the highschool and has taught middle school before high school.

The adjustment from teacher to principal has been going well for Schmidt. As the principal now, Schmidt felt that he will miss teaching.

As a teacher it can be difficult to change position so sudden. Mr. Schmidt felt that it was the right time to make this change.

Schmidt has thought about being a principal one day, he has a masters in educational leadership and his father was a high school principal.

“I like the work that a principal does, solve problems and leading the school.”

Every principal has a goal either for students or the school as a whole. Schmidt goal for this year is for students to be the best version of themselves on the spiritual and academic side.

Within these goals he is passionate about Lake Michigan Catholics mission: Nourishing the Human Spirit, Mind, Body, and Soul, Through Jesus Christ.  His ultimate goals is whenstudetns graduate from LMC, he wishes for them to be leaders and people who can impact society.

As the new principal, Schmidt is excited for the new school year. “I am excited for the opportunity to help grow our school and help crrt and education for as many students as possible and creating the environment.

Students and faculty members were excited that schmidt was able to receive the positions as the new principal, however, some students were heartbroken to see such a great teacher leave.

Cole Tubman, senior, was taught by Mr. Schmidt for four years.

“I disappointed to see my favorite coach unable to coach us this year but excited that he will be our new principal.”