Cheering for the Lakers

Adriana Nerio

Lake Michigan Catholic – Every year the sideline cheerleaders put on an amazing pep rally for middle school, high school, and staff members during homecoming week to left school spirit. This year, the sideline cheerleaders organized a great pep rally with new and traditional games.

Before the event, all the students began with prayer lead by Father Ben.  Then the cheerleaders led the senior boys, Wilkin Latham, Christian Monconduit, Kent Ristow, Cole Tubman, Keegan O’Connell, and Michael Markoch, in a couple of cheers. Monconduit called out the two cheers, Cheer for the Lakers and  Roll it shake it for the rest of the boys as they impressed the crowd.

Afterward, the cheerleaders gave an incredible performance that included a dance and many stunts.

The first game of the pep rally was a contest between the four grades in the high school. The challenge was to roll the cheer mats and pull them across the gym. The winners of that game were seniors, Cole Tubman and Caroline Miota, second were freshmen, Diego Nerio and Chloe Mills, third place were juniors, Connor Casey and Elena Proos, and fourth were sophomores, Jake Jozwiak and Wendy You.

The following game was a mummy contest. Students were limited to 3 minutes to wrap and decorate another student. Sophomores, Logan Fairbanks, Magie Tidey, and Jack Jolly won this game with the seniors in a close second.

The third game was a donut eating contest. Logan Mayfield (freshman), Andy Conklin (sophomore), Raphael Vellas (junior), and Kent Ristow (senior), participated in the contest and Mayfield won..

Finally all the grades, fall sport teams, and teachers played several rounds of tug of war.

Near the end of the pep rally to hype the crowd, the cheerleaders and the entire school sang the fight song with pride. Then to end the pep rally, the cheerleaders passed the spirit wheel to each class to see who can cheer the loudest and  the senior class won the spirit wheel. That day LMC was truly the house of noise! The students had a great time at the pep rally.