Hurricane Florence is Approaching the East Coast

Ashley Herrera

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA- Many people are stocking up on water, foods, generators and plywood. Many people have already evacuated but on Thursday afternoon was the last call to evacuate as the wind speed elevates to 80 mph.

Hurricane Florence is now categorized as a 4 now and it’s going to currently hit the east coast. The hurricane is now at 130 mph, it will continue to grow more and more near the east coast as it travels.

The storm is elevated to 9 to 13 feet and the wind speeds are rushing through heavier and more damage. Many reporters are saying how thousands of building are already being expected to flood and uprising rivers and creeks. The categories represent the speed of the winds, and how destructive they are going to be. Florence is expected to hit North and South Carolina with the force winds and rains until Saturday.

Once Florence leaves the lands are expected to be filled with 10 trillion gallons of water in North Carolina. The hurricanes current position, Thursday 13th, is at a category 2 with 105 mph wind speed and currently will stay the same until Friday when it will turn down to a category 1.  The tropical storm force winds are from 39 to 73 mph and will be currently changing throughout Friday 14th.

The hurricane is going through till the end of the week on Monday til the hurricane passes by but the damage is heavy. So far there is already gallons of water pilling on and the power have blown out and won’t recharge for awhile. Many of the damages on buildings, homes, and with the power will take awhile till they power back on. It will take a couple of months until people will travel back to the East Coast and rebuilding.