Homecoming Hallways

Melanie Kibler

Lake Michigan Catholic – Ever since the dawn of Lake Michigan Catholic (or pretty close to) decorating for homecoming has been a vital tradition.  In the past, homecoming was celebrated with parade floats, more recently, though, we decorate our school’s hallowed halls.

Every year, there is an overarching theme that all of the grades’ hallways are based off.  This year’s theme is the “Time Warp” and all of the different grades’ themes were based off of different decades.

The seniors have the 80’s and their hallways reflect that era beautifully.  There were posters of 80’s music quotes and some Pac man characters. The ceilings are decorated with many streamers and on the floor,  giant rubix cubes.

The juniors’ hallways was filled with 70’s decorations.  They had tons of streamers, a van, a giant lava lamp, and movie posters.  In the actual hallways itself there was an awesome poster and rainbow wallpaper.

The sophomores’ decades was the 90’s and their hallway was as colorful as that decade.  The hallway opened with a poster that said Sophomores in the font from Friends.  There were also multiple references to different 90’s tv shows.

The Freshmen had the 60’s and their hallway was full of memorabilia from that decade.  They had pictures that represented everything that happened during that time. There was also a beautiful hand made sign that read 1960s.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the homecoming hallways amazing.