Campus Confidential: The Ohio State University

Campus Confidential: The Ohio State University

Michael Markoch

COLUMBUS-  On September 14, 2018, I visited The Ohio State University.  As one of the top schools on my list, I was looking to be impressed and convinced that I could spend four years of my life there.  

Not only did the university impress me though, it surpasses my expectations entirely. .  Here is some of the criteria I used to review my visit.

     The Ohio State University, The Oval  

Size:  The Ohio State campus is absolutely massive, spanning over 1,500 acres but, once I stepped on the campus, it felt smaller than advertised. The campus is still huge but all of a sudden it seemed more manageable than I originally thought.


Transportation: There are buses that take students all around campus and into the Columbus area. The free bus service, also called CABS or Campus Area Bus Service, takes students wherever they need to go on campus or into Columbus for shopping, an event, or just a night on the town. Freshman are not allowed to have cars on campus but should never need one with all the shuttles on campus. Biking and walking are always options as well.


Academics: This is the one slight knack I had for Ohio State, I attended an academic session for the school that I would spending most of my time in and it didn’t give much information about classes, or at least the classes I was interested in.  Eventually, I just checked a map and explored the schools myself to get a better view. Overall, the university is one of the best public universities in the nation and can help put you on whatever career path you want to be on.


Food Scene: The university consists on many Ohio State exclusive dining options and many chain restaurants as well.  Most of the chain restaurants are located on one street, North High Street and the other options are located in the Ohio Union or other places on campus.  I personally just went to a chain restaurant because familiar is comfortable and I will have plenty of time to try other options if I choose to go to school here.


Financials: Parents turn away as we move on to cost.  Between tuition and fees, room and board, and all other costs, The Ohio State University will cost about $25,579 for Ohio residents and for out of state students the total cost balloons to $42,907.  However, many scholarship and grant opportunities are available to bring that cost down and make the university more affordable.


Overall: Being high on my college list since the start, Ohio State just reassured me of all the things I thought about the campus and more.  Everything there is state-of-the-art and it just blew me away in ways that can’t be explained. The Ohio State University definitely seems like a place I could find myself spending the next four years of my life at.