Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Wednesday, September 12th was the Women’s Varsity Dig Pink Volleyball Game. This game is dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer in our community and the Lady Lakers took the court in the House of Noise with determination, though  the Michigan Lutheran Titans ended up taking the W for three straight sets.

The Lakers knew they would struggle throughout the game due to their loss of seniors from the previous year, leaving them with only five returners, and four new players.  The Lakers lost their first set 25-10.

The girl’s nerves were definitely showing because they weren’t sure of how strong the Titans would be this year due to their loss of seniors as well the previous year.  However, both teams have been working hard this season on communication and getting to know each other as players.

“We communicated well and played good defense, but we struggled with serve receives and tips.  The more we play together the more we will improve and it’s just the beginning of the season,” said sophomore Hattie Latham.

The second set came around fast with the intensity on the court and in the stands definitely picking up.  The Lakers were in the lead by 6-3 with great hits by Latham.

Exhaustion was beginning to show due to the fact that the Lakers only had one sub throughout the whole night.  Meanwhile, the Titans were able to keep up the intensity and speed due to their many rotations and subs.

The Lakers held on strong during the second set, but it wasn’t enough to win, ending with a score of 25-22.  The third and final set of the game began and Lakers came out with new energy and positive attitudes.

Sophomore, Kacey Ristow improved on her spikes along with junior, Elena Proos having nice digs.  Junior, Emily Lage also showed her strength and capability throughout the game after coming back from a shoulder injury last season.

“Coming back from being injured last year is a great feeling.  Not having to worry about hitting a volleyball without getting hurt is a huge weight off my shoulders.  Volleyball is a wonderful sport and I am excited and happy to be completely healthy for this season,” said Lage.
Lage definitely helped the Lakers come back in the final set of the game with the score practically tied towards the end.  The Laker student section was very excited as the score continued to stay close between the two teams.

“My favorite part was when we got a point after a long rally and everyone got really excited and everyone came and sat in the student section,” said sophomore Jenna Cutter.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, the third set ended with a close score of 25-23 giving the Titans their third and final win of the night.  Even though it was a tough defeat, the atmosphere of the Dig Pink game is definitely something that both teams will never forget.

“The atmosphere of the Dig Pink game was one I can’t forget.  The student section was filled, cheering and making the game more exciting and tense.  I could barely hear my teammates next to me. The feeling was amazing and I hope I can experience more games just like this one,” said Lage.

The Lady Lakers will continue to improve and learn from their losses and we wish them the best of luck throughout the rest of their season!