Welcoming Mrs. Melissa Vegter to LMC!


Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC– Being a new student or teacher at LMC can be difficult. Especially for teachers it can be  tough getting to know a whole new school with different students. Here at Lake Michigan Catholic we welcome and are excited for all the new teachers of this school year.

We welcome Mrs. Melissa Vegter as the new math teacher for Lake Michigan Catholic High School.

Mrs. Vegter will be teaching Statistics, Algebra 2, Pre- Calculus, and Geometry. Although Mrs. Vegter does not teach Calculus, her favorite subject is AP Calculus. This is Mrs. Vegter first year teaching Statistics.

Like Ms. Amanda Bruce, new high school teacher, this is Mrs. Vegters first year teaching at a private school. Mrs. Vegter has taught for 15 years in 3 other different schools:  in Jacksonville, Florida, at Coloma High School, and St. Joe High school.

Like every other teacher Mrs. Vegter has a unique teaching style for her students. Her teaching style is to teach all the possibility and methods of the subject.

Mrs. Vegter’s experience at Lake Michigan Catholic has been really great so far.

“I went  home on the first week and told my family that it was the best first week I have ever taught.”

Mrs. Vegter graduated from a school near by, Lakeshore High School. After high school, Mrs. Vegter attended the University of Michigan where she majored in French Education and minored in Math.

Mrs. Vegter is also a family woman. She is married and has a 13 year old daughter who currently is at St. Joe High School. One fun fact about Mrs. Vegter is she traveled to nine different countries in Europe within  twenty three days.

Mrs. Vegter is doing  a phenomenal job as a teacher. She fits is so well with the school and her students. Lake Michigan Catholic is so excited to see the impact and knowledge she places within her students of all subjects. Welcome to the Laker Family, Mrs. Vegter!