Boys Varsity Soccer Mercies the Lawrence Tigers


Diego Nerio

LAWRENCE- On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the Lake Michigan Catholic boys varsity soccer team went on to win their third game this season against the Lawrence tigers. The final score was LMC 8 and Lawrence 0. They are 3-2-3 this season.

At the beginning of the game, the Lakers struggled to get their offensive into a rhythm, Their passes weren’t on point which lead to many turnovers.  Fortunately, the Lakers defense: Cole Tubman, Vito LaRocca, Eli Zarotney and Ben Johnston( with two assists), were able to hold down the fort until they got in some sort of flow.

After getting into a fast tempo the Lakers ended up scoring five outstanding goals in the first half. Matthew Rochefort had 3 goals and Andrew Glotzbach (three assists) added two goals in the half.When the second half started the Lakers came out with confidence and determination to end the game by mercy rule.

Their communication and passing were improving as the game was coming to the end. The Lakers scored the three goals that they needed in under twenty-five minutes.

Matthew Rochefort with one goal, and Captains Michael Markoch and Cole Tubman with one goal each.

When asked about his goals scored as a defender,  Tubman replied, “it shows how I evolved as a player and it shows how I can provide an opportunity to score for the team.”

Overall the Lakers had an excellent game, They play next Thursday, September 13 against Howardsville Christian.