When In Doubt, Just Ask the Seniors!

When In Doubt, Just Ask the Seniors!

Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- High school can be  stressful for students, especially the underclassmen who aren’t as aware about what happens in the later high school years.  

Fortunately for those students, the seniors are here to help.  Below, the LMC senior class student panel answers all the questions underclassmen need to know and how to fully prepare for their senior year.


How Is the Senior Class Schedule Different Than Other Grades?


The senior class schedule is much different than other grades because you get four electives instead of the normal one or two.  This makes your schedule more open and personable and gives you room to explore classes and opportunities that interest you. This can be on campus but it doesn’t have to be, one of the coolest features of the senior schedule is the ability to go off campus and explore opportunities elsewhere.  Off-campus college classes and CO-OPs are the most popular off-campus choices among this senior class and give students the best view at life in college or even after college. – Michael Markoch


When Should You Begin Your College Applications?


Around when school starts is when you should be narrowing down your list.  I suggest doing the common app because it has many schools you may want to go to all on the same application and others not on the common app fill out their personal requirements on their website. Watch carefully for what essays you will have to write and really think about what you want to say.  Just make sure you don’t procrastinate and have all your apps done by November 1. – Wilkin Latham


How Did You Prepare For College During the Years Leading Up to Senior Year?


At first I was working on the testing that I had to do like the ACT and SAT which is probably one of the most stressful points of preparing for college, because the scores depend on what colleges will accept you to an extent.  After finishing the standardized testing there is a big relief but not at all a break. While still in your junior year you will want to visit colleges that are of your interest and find out where you could see yourself going to in the future. – Christian Monconduit

These are just a few of the plethora of questions students may have for the seniors, but they are always around the school and available to answer questions any underclassmen may have.  Whenever there is a doubt or a question that students may have they should always remember to just ask the seniors!