A Football Season Check-In


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The new school year has officially kicked off, and football season has come with it. Although their current season record is 1-2, their two losses  raise a question if the team will have a successful season full of victories as they have had in the past, or if they will fall short this fall season.

With the class of 2018 graduated, many athletic programs of LMC have suffered with numbers, but one that especially comes to mind is the LMC varsity football team. Despite the fact that this team co-ops with Countryside, they still are struggling to present solid team with the loss of their seniors and two other starters who have since left the school.

In the summer months, it was still a question as to whether or not there would be a team, but the players were able to rally new people recruited from the soccer team to kick and punt for them.

In their first game, they did not make the win for the Saginaw Nouvel team easy but still were unable to pull through and lost 6-42. They did have a strong defensive side, and simply were not able to score and got tired as the game progressed.

The second game of the season, against Eau Claire, was nothing short of miracle. The game remained tied at 0-0 until the last 5 seconds when the Lakers tried one more time and scored a touchdown when Christian Monconduit caught the ball in the end zone.

The most recent game against Galesburg-Augusta was very disappointing for the lakers. Although they pushed back, they were faced bitter defeat and lost 0-42.

LMC’s football team is not suffering from lack of talent or potential, but they are simply too small to be able to fight and pull in the wins. With the drastic lack in numbers for football and no foreseen improvement for years to come, assistant coach, Josh Fairbanks,  has declared that they will be playing eight man next year.

“I believe we are officially going eight man next season. All but one of our games this year are eleven man games. This season has shown great potential for the players, team, and program. We had to do a lot of growing as players and a team, but every week, we take our failures and they fuel our future,” says Fairbanks  “This season is already a success because we are having it. There was a real possibility that we wouldn’t have a team this year, but the players came together and kept the the team alive. That will always be our greatest win this season.”

The Lakers are still putting up a fight, and with their hard work and dedication, there is hope that they can pull through with some more  season victories.