Sarah Jannings

The 2018-2019 school year has officially begun and there are many new faces in the high school, in particular, the new freshmen class!  There are currently sixteen members in the freshmen class and they’re already getting settled into their new high school environment.

“I was nervous for high school, but now I’m good and comfortable with my teachers and classmates,” said freshman Chloe Mills.  

The transfer from middle school to high school definitely isn’t an easy one, but day by day the freshmen are getting more and more comfortable with their new classrooms, teachers, and schedules.

“I miss middle school and all the teachers, but the high school teachers seem a lot less strict.  I was nervous because I didn’t want school to start, but I’ve grown up at LMC and I have had three siblings that have gone through high school here,”  freshman Claire LaSata stated.

Lake Michigan Catholic High School offers a variety of different academic classes, athletics, and extracurricular activities. There are many more opportunities to be involved in high school as compared to the amount in middle school.   

 “I participate in soccer, golf, hockey, Interact club, and hopefully class council coming up.  I’m running for Vice President of the freshmen class,” said freshman Connor Shooks.

Beyond the athletics and clubs, the freshmen have spent these past few weeks getting to know their new teachers and the structure of their classes.

“My favorite class is U.S. History with Ms. Bruce because she understands us and instead of reading the whole chapters and memorizing names and dates we get the gist of it,” said Mills.

The new freshman are also very excited about the many new possibilities and experiences that open up to them during high school, including the band’s trip to Florida in February.

“I’m looking forward to going to Disney in February and I’ll be playing percussion.  I’m also excited to play baseball and be apart of the debate club as well,” said freshman Jack Jollay.

Overall, the freshmen class is adjusting well to the change of moving from the middle school up to the high school.  They’re getting involved and trying new things and we wish them the best of luck throughout the rest of their freshman year and the start of their High school careers.