Best and Worst Movies of the Summer

Melanie Kibler

St. Joseph –  This past summer there were many movies that came out to the box office, Some amazing and some not so..  Half of these movies were great and I would definitely recommend seeing, the other half, however, you should avoid at all cost.



We’ll start with the great movies, because no one wants to start off with the negative things first.


Incredibles 2:

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.. 2018.

It’s very rare that a sequel movie is able to be as good as its precursor, but this was.  The movie starts right where the last movie ended and continues on with a really fun story that the whole family can enjoy.  Incredibles 2 includes some real life problems that parents can relate to,while also including the superhero aspect that kids love.


Ocean’s 8:

Warner Bros. Pictures. 2018.

Another great continuation movie this year was Ocean’s 8, which of course is a sister movie to the Ocean’s 11 franchise.  This movie is centered around the franchise’s main character’s sister, Debbie Ocean.  Surprisingly the creators were able to keep the main theme and make it fun without totally stripping the series from everything that makes it an Ocean movie.  There are so many twists and turns in this movie, so there is actually no way you be able to guess how the characters do everything before the end.


The Meg:

Warner Bros. Pictures. 2018.

Many people may disagree with my opinion of The Meg, but I believe that this is the best shark movie since Jaws came out in 1975.  This movie has lovable characters that all have fun one-liners you are sure to remember days after you watch this film.  Along with fun, joking style there is also an element of semi-fact. I say semi because there are some things that aren’t true, but the movie goes into depth of explaining just why this is happening.  If you are looking to see and action movie that is full of fun, The Meg is the movie for you.



Along with all the great movies that came out this summer there were lots of movies that were completely and utterly horrible.  I would recommend that you never, ever watch these and if you do, well I tried to warn you.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Universal Pictures. 2018.

This is a disgrace to all the Jurassic Park Movies and honestly I’m personally offended.  The whole reason that people watch Jurassic Park is to see the dinosaurs on the island.  Well this movie successfully got rid of both of those things in a fiery explosion of lava.  The movie was more focused on the people and what they were going through than on the dinosaurs escaping and eating everyone.  Congrats to the people behind this movie for destroying what makes a Jurassic Park so admirable. *Slow clap*



Global Road Entertainment. 2018.

Welcome to yet another movie about a boy befriending a piece of machine.  Now don’t get me wrong this could have been a really cool movie if… the right actors were used.  There wasn’t much personality to these people or even to the robot itself. A-X-L also is very illogical (besides the whole robot bond thing).  The scientist who lost their precious tech would rather just watch and see what happens then go and get back their robot.  Don’t go see a movie about bad actors and negligent scientist… just don’t.


The First Purge

Universal Pictures. 2018.

This had the potential to be a really great movie that hit home with many Americans and scare them because of how close it is to today’s society.  Unfortunately, it did not. This movie was lacking a lot of things that really would have made it much scarier. Also let’s be honest the Purge franchise is slightly repetitive so do they really need another one.  It’s just a bunch of psychos running around killing people and stealing things.


Now you know exactly what movies you should go and see and what movies you should avoid at all costs.  With this great movie knowledge comes great responsibility so don’t make the bad decision to go and watch trash movies.