Katie Wertheimer

NEW BUFFALO- Saturday, June 2, the Lady Lakers played two district games against Michigan Lutheran and River Valley High School. They won the first game with a score of 9-8, but suffered a bitter defeat against Rivervalley with a score of 9-0.

The day had an early start as the girls left at 8:30 in the morning and started on their way to New Buffalo. With almost two weeks off from playing any games, the team was worried, but was quite confident in their skills.

They started the game feeling primed, but it was a tight game all the way through. In the first inning, with the lakers playing home, ML was able to score a run due to a fluke in the outfield.

In the bottom of the first, the lakers were able to pull through and get ahead, but it didn’t last long. The opposing team was strategizing, and put their best player in without consulting LMC’s coaches.

Although being unprepared for so many balls to the outfield, the lakers adjusted easily, but not before ML was able to pull ahead and get multiple runs. It was looking bleak for the lakers as they headed into the seventh inning 6-8.

Fortunately, they were able to score two more runs and catch up, moving the game into the eighth inning where freshman, Grace Craig, won the game for the lakers with bunt that sent a player home and gave the close victory to the lakers.

¨It was very exciting and emotional for me to be able to do that for my team, especially since it looked like we are going to lose. I am very proud of myself and of my entire team for pushing through and taking the win.¨

In the second district game against New Buffalo faced off against  River Valley. River Valley mercied their opponents in the third inning and proceeded to the finals where they’d face LMC. It was no easy game for either team.

Although both teams were playing successfully, the Lakers failed to get any runs for the entire game. River Valley came equipped with fast and accurate pitching that left LMC with a score of zero throughout the entire game.

Coach, Joe Herzog, was very proud of his team and their efforts on Saturday.

¨It’s always so sad when the softball season ends.  Being a spring sport, it means saying goodbye to seniors knowing we will never see them on the field or at school again. Saturday, we said that good-bye, but I was so proud of the whole team. It was an incredible day on the field. Saturday was just a glimpse into the future of what this team will be in years to come, providing we have a few more girls come into the program next year to keep us viable.¨

Although the Lakers were unlucky on the offensive side of the game, they were well prepared to take on River Valley’s hits that spanned the entire field. Outfielders expected far hits and were able to get back in order to catch a good amount of fly balls, but, in the end, their fielding was not enough to win the game.

The lakers softball team lost the game 9-0 and played their last game of the 2018 season.