Evan Brown

SEATTLE -Earlier this week it was reported that Amazon will be opening locations for their Amazon Go retail stores in Chicago and San Francisco.

This is a small step for the company who reportedly has a plan to open around 2,000 locations within the next ten years.

For those of you not familiar with Amazon Go, it is a grocery store, but not just any grocery store. Using advanced technology and a mobile app developed by Amazon, customers can take the items they need and leave the premises without cashiers involved.

Their revolutionary tech allows customers to skip the lines and avoid interaction with other humans. The company calls this “walk out technology,” and it could set a trend for shopping in the future.

There may not be cashiers, but there are plenty of employees around. Security guards, re-stockers and workers to check IDs for alcohol.

Amazon currently only has one other store open. They opened their first ever physical retail store in Seattle in December 2016. However, the store was only open to Amazon employees. This allowed them to fine tune their system before opening it to the public a year later.  

While an opening date for these new stores has not been confirmed, job listings for managers positions have been posted for these location and one can only assume we’ll be hearing more from them soon.

Jared, Junior, firmly believes in this idea.

“It’s definitely a step in the right direction of modernism and innovation. The system is much more convenient, and avoiding human interaction might be preferable to some people, however, that’s not why I like it. Efficiency and convenience are the main reasons I believe this system is a great innovation.”

Although he is a fan of Amazon Go, he does have some concerns about the rapid rate that technology is growing.

“I believe AI is how our earth will eat its demise. All famous scientists believe that’s how it will end. Goodbye.”

With Amazon opening stores, shopping is growing more convenient and hopefully we will see this streamlined innovation become a trend in the future.