Nathan Janson

SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL, TEXAS– There was yet another school shooting on Friday, May 18th, at Santa Fe High School in Texas.  The gunman, a 17 year old student named Dimitrios Pagourtzis, showed up to the school armed with a shotgun and .38 caliber handgun.

Pagourtzis killed ten people, including eight students and two substitute teachers. He also injured ten others as he ran through the school, blasting gunfire.

The shooter apparently performed this massacre because he was upset that a female classmate rejected him publically. He came into the school and shot the girl and other students that he allegedly did not like.

This is the 22th school shooting in 2018 alone (defined as when a person is shot on the property of a K-12 school and the person to have fired the gun, if not dead, is charged with attempted murder/ murder for that shooting). The idea of another school shooting could scare many people; Ms. Schemenauer, the high school political science teacher, does not fear that this is an issue at LMC high school.

“I’m not afraid at our school; we are very well situated (with) the fire department, the jail, and the police all around us.”

Eli Zarotney, freshman, does fear the possibility of a shooting in our area and believes that the school should take more security measures.

“There’s a chance that a school in our area could have (a shooting). There should be more security than just the front desk.”

As of now LMC students and staff have nothing to worry about with the school being surrounded by public safety services and having had no recent or previous threats. However, the idea of adding  extra security measures is certainly worth taking into consideration.

Please keep in your prayers all of those affected by the Santa Fe High School shooting.


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