Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The United States Supreme Court has ruled a federal law placed on sports gambling unconstitutional after many years of controversy.  This now opens the door for more betting on sports to occur.

Sports gambling will still only be legal for those who are ages 18 or older in most cases.  Many LMC students, mostly seniors, fit this criteria and they gave their opinions as to how they might use this ability in the future.

Senior Will McCoy is all in because he wants to make a lot of money and have fun.

“I would make really good money and it would be a way I can have fun and mess around, while betting on something I like.”

Zach Rogers likes the cash, but would only bet on the good teams.

“It would make some cash, but I would only bet on teams I know I could win with, even if my team isn’t one of them.  I wouldn’t take risks that bad teams will win, even if I love them.”

Matt Marske would do it to become rich.

“Everyone looks for ways to make money, and I would consider using sports betting as one of them.  I want to become rich so that would help.”

Money may be the driving force, but the fact that LMC students would consider this is something that should be noticed.  The new era of sports gambling is here and new customers may begin to arrive.

Even though the rule has been made, it doesn’t mean that Michigan will allow it right away.  This is a major shakeup in the legal system and could have the chance to change the way sports are viewed.

Parents have been saying this for years, don’t gamble kids, don’t gamble, but now the chances of that happening are higher than ever.  The new era of sports gambling is here and new customers may begin to arrive. 

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