Ashley Herrera

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Tuesday May 1, Lake Michigan Catholic Varsity Softball team played against Lawrence High School.They played a double header at home game for the Lakers.

In the first game the score was 1 to 8 and  the second game they finished with a score of 12 to 11. The lakers played against a good team, with them losing the first game, they came back and put in the work to take the win in the second game.

So far they have eighteen more games to play this season, with only four seniors including Kaitlyn Stutz. With three senior girls from Grace Christian, Sydney Gardner, Rylie Hess, and Sarah Reeve. With four sophomores, Chloe Simmons, Kathryn Wertheimer, Mariah Sirk, and Emily Lage. With six freshman, Kacey Ristow, Katrina Cordes, Jenna Cutter, Kaele Groppel, Grace Craig, and a Grace Christian freshman Mckenna Pepple.

The team captains are sophomore, Emily Lage and seniors, Rilee Hess, Sydney Gardner, and Sarah Reeve. The Laker head coach is Joe Herzog, on the first game the lady lakers didn’t have a running strike, although they played hard and focused. With amazing hits from Katilyn Stutz, Sarah Reeve, Chloe Simmons, Jenna Cutter, and many more of the teammates.

“There were some miss hits throughout the game but we learned from them on the first game and improved greatly through the second game. I’m going to work hard and put in all the work I can to make this season the best and to show everyone I can.”

Chloe Simmons, sophomore, explains how she did on tuesday’s game and how she could do throughout the rest of the seasons. The girls on the softball team have improved so much throughout the first game to now and still continue to improve throughout the season. There is so much potential for their team. Next year they will be graduating five seniors and have upcoming eighth graders.

The girls went through the first game figuring out Lawrence’s strategies and losing through a tough game. The girls came back and put in a lot of hard work and dedication into the second game and winning it by one point over Lawrence. Good Luck to all the teammates and coaches for the rest of the season!