Melanie Kibler

  1. JOSEPH – Everyone knows that the LMC band performs in the Blossom Time Parade, but do they also know that there is another Laker club that participates in the parade?

While the Robotarians, LMC’s robotics team, is known for building robots to compete against other groups, they are also skilled in float making.  This Blossom Time Parade, the band will be joined with a float made by the team.

The float this year goes along with the theme of the parade, which is “On the Red Carpet.”   It involves a red carpet rolled out in front of the robot that they used this year. There are also mannequins to represent some of the team sitting on the float.  

Their mule, or vehicle pulling the float, is covered in sparkly green petal paper, so that it looks nice.  There are small details that were lazer cut, so that they are perfect. When it comes to the look the Robotarians aren’t messing around.

This is not the first year that the Robotarians have mad a float.  Last year they made a steam punk one, and two years before that they were in the parade as well.  They believe that their float will look amazing and are very excited for it to be in the parade.

Team member Eva Schley says that they have put a lot of work into their float.  “We started the float about a week ago but the actual planning for it began months ago.  We got a lot of the pieces on the float laser cut.”

Dr. Que the head mentor thinks the float is going to be very cool.  

“We try to follow the theme of the Blossom Time Parade and this year it is ‘On the Red Carpet.’  It’s starring 10 years for us on The Red Carpet. The idea with the mannequins is that they will have arms that wave and also we are going to have lights that flash so that they look like camera lights.  So it’s going to be pretty cool.”

Good luck at the parade Robotarians, everyone is excited to see the completed float.