Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC-  It is that time of the season when sports are taken from the court to the field. This week is the first week that spring sports begin at Lake Michigan Catholic High School.

In the past, the girls varsity soccer team has been struggling on numbers, but now has 22 girls. Within this team, there is a combination of Countryside Academy and LMC girls.

For this season the girls varsity team also has a new coach, Joe Schmidt. Coach Schmidt is the coach for the boys varsity soccer team as well.

With only a couple practices finished, Coach Schmidt has seen great skills within the team, however, there are some skills that need to be worked on.

A skill that Coach Schmidt has noticed is leadership within his team. He noticed that the girls are willing to help those who are not as well experienced in playing soccer. He also has observed that the team comes out with great attitudes

Coach Schmidt believes that before the girls first game the fundamentals, such as passing, dribbling the ball, and, positions, of soccer should be the team’s main focus.

“Other skills that the team are working on is being able to work with each other, especially with these girls who come from different schools”.

On another point of view of Senior, Katie Sullivan, who has played soccer for LMC since her Freshman year is looking forward for another great season.

“I am very excited for this year. I think there are many talented underclassmen that we haven’t been able to have on or team before.”

She also has a personal goal for this year. Sullivan hopes to win districts and take back their district trophy that was once theirs.

She also wishes to establish another winning streak. Having the team grow much more than previous years, Sullivan is excited to see the team grow.

“I am excited to see this many girls, in the past we have has a struggled and it’s so refreshing seeing so many girls ready to play.”

Going more into the season the girls varsity soccer team has great potential to reach many wins. Even with their inexperienced players the girls still keep their great attitudes and think about the positives that the team has. Good Luck to the Lady Lakers!