Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – As the school weeks are coming close, Seniors are preparing their graduation and deciding what they will do in their future. A typical high school student goes to college to pursue their major, however, some students make the brave decision to serve their country instead.

At Lake Michigan Catholic, senior Kaitlyn Stutz, has decided to soar high and join the Air Force.  Stutz is the only Senior in her class who will be serving her country.

Stutz will be leaving on June 19th to San Antonio, Texas for her training. There, she will be going through weapon training, defensive training, law enforcement, and security forces.  

Ever since Stutz was in 7th grade, she knew that she wanted to serve her country by joining the Air Force. Her decision was influenced by her sister, who would tell her so much about her service in the Air Force

Stutz has a family history of her family members joining the military. Her sister was part of the Air Force, her brother was in the Army and her Grandfather was in the Navy.

Other than her family history in the military, Stutz wanted to join the Air force to help people.

Joining the Air Force also gives Stutz benefits after her service, including education, insurance, retirement and much more.

¨I am really excited to join the Air Force because it something I always wanted to do and now soon I will be able to pursue my dream.¨

Stutz’s family and friends has and continues to give her so much support about her decision in joining the Air Force. Jessie Schueneman, Senior and friend of Katie Stutz, is one of the many classmates who supports her decision.

“I know it is something she really wanted to do, so I hope she does really well in her training and her future.”

In the past LMC has had alumni going into the military. Ellen Peters, Class of 2015, and Lizzie Stolte, Class of 2017 are both examples as they joined the National Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Going into the military is a big decision in someone’s life. Soon  Katie Stutz will leave to San Antonio for her training, and LMC sends their prayers and wishes her the best as she pursues her dreamin the Air force.