Adriana Nerio

  1. JOSEPH – It is that time where the biggest event of the year has arrived, the Blossomtime Parade. This parade is known for their big bold floats, high school bands, and the float with queens from different communities around the area.

Before the Blossomtime parade there is so much preparations and responsibilities for those who participate. The most work to be done is the Blossomtime court. It is a very busy week for the court.

Each community’s court must make a float according to their theme. This year’s theme is rolling out the red carpet. Jamie Tidey, Senior, Miss Eau Claire and 1st Runner up for Miss Blossomtime will be on the Blossomtime float. However this year Eau Claire’s theme is rolling out to the red carpet to agriculture.

Before the blossomtime parade, the Queens of the communities went on tour week. Tour week is for the queens to visit schools and the capital of Michigan.

Last week the court went to Lansing, Michigan to tour the capitol building. In the tour the court had the chance to see sessions and behind the scenes of the Michigan government.

The blossomtime court also went to visit the Michigan State Police Academy. They took a tour and had the opportunity to ride in the back of a police car. They drove on a test track over 80 mph.

Other than tours, the court spent a fun day playing baseball at the House of David. All queens participated in the game.

Finally, this past Sunday, the court has the blessing of the blossom. In this service, each queen brought blossoms from their community and exchanged them with other community queens.

Tidey shared her experience during the preparation of the Blossomtime parade.

“My favorite part would be meeting all the girls on the court, I would never had the opportunity to meet them and get know them. It is a once lifetime opportunity.”

Blossomtime Parade will be held downtown St. Joseph at 1pm, please go out to support Jamie Tidey as she represent Eau Claire/Sodus and the Blossomtime court.