Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The LMC marching band, jazz band, and orchestra band are known  throughout St. Joseph for their performances. Whether it is playing at the home football games  or playing at concerts and parades, the band has a past of impressing patrons.

Every year, LMC’s marching band performs at the yearly Blossomtime parade. They work hard during the months before the parade in order to properly prepare for the event which will occur Saturday, May 5th.

This year they are playing an ensemble entitled “Attitude Dance.” The piece was written by a popular jazz group called Tower of Power, and it has been considered very popular within the last few decades.

Along with the band playing the music for the parade. They are also doing a series of dance steps choreographed by seniors, Addie Peters and Frannie Valenziano.

They have experienced some struggles when preparing for the performance, that of which includes poor weather. Because it has been too cold to go outside and practice, until recently, they have had few chances to practice the whole way through.

According to Joe Jarvey, the band director of LMC,the performance will most likely go well, especially with the nice weather the town of St. Joseph has been seeing the last few days.

“I think the performance will go well.  It is supposed to be nice weather and that always make a big difference in the crowd size, which helps the performance a great deal.”

The band consists of students from all four grades of the highschool, and they appear to be excited, but a little nervous. Sophomore, Mariah Sirk, explains that she thinks the band will do pretty well for the most part.

“I am nervous to march at Blossomtime, but I think we will do okay. We don’t know what the other band’s marching will be like, but it looks like  we will do pretty well regardless.”

The band will march all the way from St. Joe High School to Benton Harbor High School Make sure to view the bands performance during the parade this Saturday, May 5, as it is promised to be an entertaining show.