Melanie Kibler

LMC – Every school year there is a period when students don’t want to do any school work, much less, even get to school.  This annual occurrence is called the “End of the Year Doldrums” and it affects 97% of all students.

End of the Year Doldrums is caused by the fact that summer is less than 2 months away.  At this time of the year all students can think about is relaxing on the beach and sleeping in till noon everyday.

The symptoms include not doing homework, not studying for tests, and not being motivated in class.  A way to fight this is to go outside and do your homework, making you feel a lot better about having to do all the work.

The students of LMC also want to see their fellow classmates end the school year with the same amount of motivation that they started out with so they have some suggestions on how to cure End of the Year Doldrums.

“I am just like most students, very busy.  I have driver’s ed, I run track, and then the teachers pile on a ton of homework.  But you have to remember that the finish line is so close – to make a track reference.  Just push a little longer and then you’re done. Remember that once you reach a deadline it’s done.  You can relax and you don’t have to do homework and see the teachers anymore.” Advises Freshman Leah Brucal.

Sophomore, Kathleen Krieger also had some advice for the student body.  

“Just get ‘er done.  You don’t have to worry about it later once your work is finished.   School is so close to being over, don’t give up now.”

Students aren’t the only people who can offer some helpful hints on fighting End of the Year Doldrums.  Some of the LMC teachers have some advice on getting your work done including Biology teacher, Mrs. Zebell..

“The best way is little bits everyday.  Just 10 minutes a day answering a few questions and you will get your work done.  Also if use class time wisely. If you have a few minutes at the end of the class start on your homework, that way you can go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.”

Keep up the good work guys, we are so close so don’t give up now.