Michael Markoch

UNITED STATES- Every year on April 15th, Major League Baseball celebrates the memory of an icon, Jackie Robinson.  Every player wears the number 42 and the MLB Store sells memorabilia with the number 42 on it to honor Robinson.

Unfortunately, this year that memorabilia is making headlines as the Cleveland Indians’ old logo, Chief Wahoo, appeared on a hat with the number 42 on it.  The hat was taken off the store’s site after the league declared the logo racist towards Native Americans at the beginning of the season.

Sophomore Brian Ha can see how some may take offense to the logo.

“I could see how Native Americans say that it is, it’s a bad representation of a Native American.”

Chief Wahoo has been a Cleveland sports icon since 1947, but has been under fire the last few years due to it’s inaccurate representation of a Native American.  The MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, forced the Indians to remove the logo from their hats and jerseys, but due to the timing of the ruling, the Indians are allowed to wear the logo for the rest of the season.

Ha doesn’t think the hat should have been pulled from the league store.

“It doesn’t matter because the hat is still being used this year so why not for Jackie Robinson Day?  Next year when the logo is banned it shouldn’t be there.”

What makes this such a unique event is the connection between the days.  A racial issue is blurring a wonderful day for the wrong reason.

The league office determined that combining Robinson’s memory with Chief Wahoo was a bad idea, which led to the hat being pulled off the site.

The site said that it was an honest mistake and the hat wasn’t supposed to be for sale.  It was originally going to be for sale before Manfred asked for Wahoo to be removed.

Taking Chief Wahoo off the hats could be the next step to removing racism from baseball, and Jackie Robinson was the first to make that statement.  It’s ironic that on his day of all days there was an issue revolving around racism and we can only hope that it can come to an end.

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