Nathan Janson

LMCHS – If you have been outside in these past few weeks you have probably noticed that the weather has been horrible. Although the spring season technically began on March 20th, we have seen winter-like weather with temperatures dropping to the mid 20s.

This winter weather has left many people asking when this horrible weather will end and why this is happening? To answer the first question, the next few week’s temperatures will mostly be in the 50s, which is still below average for this time of year, but better than the weather of the past few weeks.

The answer to the second question is a little more complicated. This cold weather that has been around originated in Siberia and was able to escape due to the polar vortexes weakening. The freezing weather and wind was then forced down to the Northern United States, bringing wind, rain, snow, hail, and freezing temperatures.

Many students and staff members of LMC have been wishing that this bad spell of weather would finally end. Keegan O’Connell, junior, hopes that the bad weather will go away so that he can finally enjoy normal spring weather.

“It’s too cold when it should be warm. I love going outside when it is warm to swim and play sports.”

Another problem with this atrocious weather is that it has caused many sporting events to be canceled. Many games from almost all spring sports have had to be rescheduled and many of the teams have missed practice time due to the weather.

If you are sick of having to be inside all the time and freezing cold whenever you do make your way out into the miserable outdoors, don’t worry because there is a brighter and warmer future coming soon.