Katie Werteimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Tuesday, April 10, the Lady Lakers took the field for their first softball game of the season against Eau Claire. The girls mercied their opponents in both games of the double header with scores of 18-3  and 21-6.

After last season, the team graduated four  seniors who made up their outfield, as well as losing two other valuable players to injury and relocation. After the unfortunate loses, they were left with many spots to fill.

Thankfully, the team was left with lots of experienced players in the form of this years seniors, as well as loads of potential for incoming freshman. For their first game, the ladies had to move positions around by transferring their 3rd basemen, Sarah Reeves, to first base, and placing lower classmen with less experience into the outfield.

The first inning started with Eau Claire scoring two runs, but the Lakers made it up throughout the game by scoring six runs just in their first round of hitting. They had a few stand outs when it came to the bat in the first game, including sophomore and second basemen, Chloe Simmons, who was able to hit three in-side-the-park home runs, where she was able to make it around the bases without the ball leaving the field.

The first game ended in the 5th inning where the lakers were able to pull ahead by ten points and mercy Eau Claire. For their second game, they brought in freshman all star, Jenna Cutter, who struck out ten people with her pitching.

Despite the lakers success, they did have a few fumbles on the field where they missed some plays, but they expect to be able to fix the issues as time goes on. Head coach, Joe Herzog, is aware of the team´s condition, but believes that they have the possibility to have a successful season.

¨It was a cold, but good day for softball. Having only been outside twice for practice the coaches weren’t sure what to expect. As the games progressed, everyone was on the roster was able to get into the games to show the coaches exactly what they had learned so far in both batting and fielding. The seniors were superb, the sophomores showed that they learned well last season and not only retained their knowledge but improved their skills, and the freshmen (which make up half the team) showed they are learning very quickly.¨
The second game ended during the fourth inning where the Lady Lakers pulled ahead by 15 points. Cutter said that she was nervous to pitch, but very proud of herself and her team and believes that they will continue to improve throughout the season.

¨When I am out there with everyone else, it is really encouraging to hear them cheering. I think that I did pretty well for my first time pitching at a game. If I practice a lot, I think I can get better because I have improved a lot from the beginning of the season.”

It is just the start of the Laker softball season with this victory, but it is expected that they will continue to improve and have a triumphant season.