Melanie Kibler

LMCHS – It’s that season yet again, the one where people are scrambling to figure out the best way to ask someone to prom.  In this day and age a simple “will you go to prom with me?” is not good enough.

The best way to ensure that the person you are asking to prom will go with you is to ask in the most creative way possible.  Feel you aren’t creative enough? Well never fear for this article is going to explain all the dos and don’ts of promposals.

First we are going to cover all the don’ts of promposing.  This is possibly the most important part of the entire article.

The most important don’t is: DO NOT USE FOOD THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO.  Not only is this a serious health risk, also the person your asking will not want to go with you if they can’t eat the food.  It is very important that you find out if the person has any allergies before asking them.

The next don’t is: DON’T MISSPELL THEIR NAME.  Now you might be think ‘Oh come on, who would do that?’  Well, then you might be surprised at how much this happens.  Make sure that you know how to pronounce their name and how to spell it.

The last don’t is: DO NOT USE RECYCLED IDEAS.  Maybe your friend had a really good promposal, that does not mean that you can use it.  That idea has already been used, you need to be creative for these types of things.

The next thing we are going to talk about is all the do’s of promposing.  There are many things that are important for a great promposal, and there is no single most important rule for it.  

One of the do’s is: DO MAKE IT ORIGINAL.  Many people google promposal ideas, but that is not what it is all about.  The best thing to do is figure out what the person that you are proposing to really likes.  Then you just base your promposal off of whatever their favorite thing is.

The next do is: DO MAKE IT COLORFUL.  Scientifically humans are drawn to more colorful things.  Use science and make people more likely to say yes to your promposal.

Another important do that you have to remember is: DO MAKE IT AT AN APPROPRIATE TIME.  One thing that you should not do is ask during the middle of a class, that interrupts the teacher and the other students.  Also, you should pick a time that is romantic and/or adorable.

The last do that is important is: DO GET TO KNOW THE PERSON.  This article has already touched on this a bit, but it is so important we are going to talk a little more about it.  One thing that is very important is the fact that the person you are asking may not like the spotlight. Make sure you know what they like and if they are ok with attention.

This last thing that I am talking about is not a do or a don’t, but it is a good idea.  USE PUNS. Puns just make the promposal so much cuter. It is a good idea to add to your promposal idea.

You are now ready young grasshopper, go out and ask that special someone that you were planning on asking.  You had better hurry to, Prom is only a week away.