Caroline Miota

LMCHS- On Friday, March 23rd, the seniors were treated to the annual Senior Breakfast. This tradition is a way of honoring the seniors’ four years of dedication and hard-earned accomplishments. Capstone winners and class rankings are also announced.  

While a light course of doughnuts and coffee was being served, Michael Johnston, the first award recipient, celebrated a prized essay for Catholic Schools Week. The top five finishers for the Diocese Capstone project were: Addie Peters, Tanner Nutting, Katie Sullivan, Will McCoy, and Jake Kissane.

The top two finishers, McCoy and Kissane, will be able to compete at the next level for up to a $5,000 scholarship provided by the Diocese of Kalamazoo. The other two schools in this competition are Kalamazoo Hackett Catholic Preparatory and St. Philip Catholic High School.

Winner Jake Kissane’s project discussed the Catholic Church’s views on homosexuallity and marriage. Will McCoy chose the topic of whether truth is subjective.

Upon winning, Will McCoy expressed that he thought the honor was both cool and unexpected. He will strive to “give his best” as he moves forward in competition. Kissane, Lake Michigan Catholic’s overall winner, was initially surprised by his win as he expected someone else to come out on top. He, however, was very happy with the result and plans on asking the judges for criticism in order to continue improving and will keep practicing.

The top ten academic finishers of the class of 2018 are in order from lowest to highest G.P.A.: Jamie Tidey, Jack Howard, Connor Christensen, Alex Shoboche, Katie Sullivan, Corey Segar, Franny Valenziano, Kyle Juza, and tied for valedictorian: Tanner Nutting and Mary Ellen Nuter. Juza’s road to salutatorian had a few bumps in the form of A minuses. In the end though, he was able to overcome and is proud and relieved to be salutatorian.

Tanner Nutting reflects that the four years of high school have been pretty hard, but he studied and is naturally pretty smart. For those also striving to achieve high academic honors, Nutting advices to “work hard while keeping a balance between school and your social life.”        

Congratulations and good luck to the class of 2018 as they finish this chapter of their lives and continue on to college and their bright futures!