Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The school year has flown by and this week is the last week students will be in school before they start on their spring break and Easter holiday!  Most of the students at LMC have exciting plans for each of their own spring breaks.

Some are traveling outside and within the United States, while others are choosing to hang around here in Southwest Michigan.  Spring break is a time for the students to relax, catch up on their sleep, and enjoy their time off school!

Everyone in the high school chooses to either have alone time, spend time with their families, or hang out with friends over spring break.  Senior Katie Sullivan and some of her friends are doing something extra special for their last spring break ever for high school.

¨My friends Addie Peters, Frannie Valenziano, Jamie Tidey, and Corey Seger, who are all seniors at LMC, are going to a resort in the Dominican Republic.  We are excited to hang out at the beach and be in the warm weather.¨.

Sullivan and her friends are also very excited to get away from all the stress of senior year and spend time with each other outside of school.  

¨I look forward to getting a break from the school routine and being able to have fun for a week straight, and I´m sad that it is my last high school spring break because I get to spend it with my high school friends and I probably won’t ever be able to do that again,¨ said Sullivan.  

Michael Johnston, another senior at LMC, has a completely different spring break plans than some of his other classmates.

¨Over my spring break I’ll probably be cleaning, lots of cleaning, hopefully enjoying the beautiful spring weather if it doesn’t decide to snow, then rain, then snow again.  People usually have to drag me out of my house kicking and screaming.¨

He also plans on enjoying the peace and quiet of spring break away from the craziness of school.  Two juniors, Andrew Kim and Sarah Milanowski, have very busy spring breaks coming up as well.

¨Starting on Easter Sunday I’ll be going to mass and then I´m going to leave for Grand Rapids to go to my grandparents house. I’m going to an art class with my grandma, hanging out with my cousins, practicing soccer,, and my grandma is most likely (going) to be spoiling me all break long.  My last part of break will probably be then guessing what I´ll be getting for my birthday.¨

Andrew Kim, an international student here at LMC, has different plans for his spring break than he did for his winter break.

¨Over winter break I went back to Korea and I hung out with my friends.  I went back to my home and ate many Korean foods and I got to visit with my family.  Over spring break I might go to my sister’s where she lives at Michigan State University, and I’ll definitely be studying for the SAT and probably not do many things with friends, since they´ll be doing other things.¨

Sophomores Jake Koenig and Kathleen Krieger are both going to Texas for their spring breaks and they both get really excited on the last day of school before spring break.  

¨On my last day of school before spring break I feel super excited and usually I can’t wait for school to end and I´m pumped all day long,¨ said Koenig.  

Koenig is looking forward to also spending time with his family and plans on keeping himself very busy over his spring break.

Freshman, Leah Brucal and Nate Green, will both be spending time outside of Michigan for their spring breaks.

¨I will be heading out to Ormond Beach and Orlando Florida.  I will be watching a Jersey Boys show, a musical, watch a Magic basketball game, and go to Disney either on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will probably also feel disheartened that the break will end and that the freshman class comes back and takes the PSAT in two days,¨ said Brucal.

Both Brucal and Green have different plans for their spring breaks than they did for their spring breaks.

¨Over winter break I sat in my house, read, cleaned, and played basketball.  I also celebrated Christmas and went to my grandparents house. For spring break, I am going to go to Mammoth Cave and I am going to go visit and explore the cave, Nashville is about an hour away, and I plan on going to the zoo, going to walk around downtown and eat barbecue, along with practicing baseball here in St Joe,¨ said Green.
The students are continuing to work hard these last few days before their spring breaks and can´t wait to start their plans.  Keep calm students for spring break is almost here!