Melanie KIbler

LMCHS The sophomore retreat is a day when all the sophomores go over to the rose center and meet with the NET team.  There they talk about a certain topic of the Church. The theme of this retreat was the Sacraments.

The sophomores started off their retreat by going to morning mass.  After the mass was over they returned to the Rose Center, where they ate a breakfast consisting of donuts, bagels, and apples.

Once the students had finished eating the NET team put on a skit to say who they are and just to let everyone have fun.  Then the students played a game where they “evolved” by beating someone in rock, paper, scissors.

Then the retreat turned to a more serious note, by having the NET Team members talk about how the Sacraments have impacted their lives.  After the talk was over the sophomores were split up into “small groups” to talk about what they had just heard.

There were three different talks, each respectively about Penance, Communion, and Baptism.  After each talk is when they split into the small groups.

When the sophomores broke for a lunch of Subway sandwiches, they were able to watch a skit as they ate.  The skit involved acting and lots of Vaseline (don’t ask).

Once lunch was finished the sophomores all went over to the Church where they engaged in worship through singing.  The NET team then put on a drama talking about how people need God, even if they don’t believe it at the time.

While at the Church, the sophomores received the opportunity to go to Confession.  After everyone who wanted to had received the sacrament, they all headed back to the Rose Center.

The students of the 10th grade had some things that they would change, but generally they thought it was great.

Ben Johnston explained how much he liked it.

“I enjoyed it alot; it was fun being introduced to new forms of prayer.  Some forms of those prayers were praise and worship, and centering prayer.  It was lots of fun and I especially loved the skits.”

“I wish that they had sauce packets for the sandwiches, but other than that it was a great retreat,” says Madeleine Johnston.

Generally the students liked the retreat and would do it again.