Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN COLLEGE – On March 12, 2018,  the Miss Blossomtime Pageant took place. And LMC’s very own Senior, Jamie Tidey, was crowned first runner up 2018.

Back in October, Tidey was crowned Miss Eau Claire/Sodus 2018. Tidey’s name has been shining through the community and at Lake Michigan Catholic Schools.

Lake Michigan Catholic has never had a student win first runner up for Miss Blossomtime. In the past, at least more than 10 years ago, a student from LMC won 2nd runner up.

There are two days to the Miss Blossomtime pageant. The first day is Mr. Blossomtime pageant and the showcase of queens, which was Sunday March 11. During the showcase of queens, the queens had a modeling segment, a dance performance, and, a lip sync dance performance.

The second day of the Blossomtime pageant is the deciding on who the 2018 Miss blossomtime will be. On this day they did an opening dance performance and two formal walks in their amazing evening gowns.

Over the two days, every contestant had to do four interviews;two individual interviews taking place on Monday and Sunday, along with  two group interviews over breakfast and lunch.

Girls are not only judged on their dresses or appearances, but they are also judged on their character. Over the two days the judges get to know the contestants by how they act and speak around others.

When selecting the next Miss Blossomtime, judges look for a queen who has poise and best represents their community, in both the Southwest Michigan and the Blossomtime festival.

Over the past month Jamie Tidey has been impressing the judges and the community by winning Miss Eau Claire Sodus and 1st Runner up for Miss Blossomtime. Her great experience with these pageants is easily seen in the way she performs on the stage to compete for the crown in a great way.

Some people think that pageants are a negative influence for girls, however, Tidey proves they are not. She always has a huge smile on the stage, and has learned to be more confident in herself through her experiences.  

“My favorite part was meeting all of the wonderful girls that I most likely would have never met if i wasn’t in these pageants. They also helped me with my confidence and it has allowed me to meet so many people”.

Jamie started doing pageants to meet new people and step out of her comfort zone. Overall, Jamie Tidey has shined in the community by her great performances in the Miss Eau Claire Sodus and Miss Blossomtime Pageants. Congratulations Jamie for an outstanding year!