Jack Janson

SAN ANTONIO- At 12:15 P.M. the NCAA Tournament kicked off with 7 seed Rhode Island playing 10 seed Oklahoma.

This game started out with Oklahoma winning the first half. However, Rhode Island was able to recover and the game went into overtime.

By the second half, Rhode Island figured out how to mark Trae Young tight and he gave away a total of six turnovers in the second half. Also, in that same half Young missed his first five points. By the end of the game the Rhode Island Rams were able to win 83-78.

The next game that was played was Tennessee vs. Wright State and not surprisingly the 3 seed Tennessee rolled right threw the 14 seed. The final score of this game was 73-47 with Grant Benzinger scoring the team high with 36 points.

After that came 4 seed Gonzaga matched up with the 13 seed. This game was fairly tight with the final score being 68-64. However, this close game was not as unexpected as it seems due to the Zags loss of some keep players, including All American Nigel Williams.

The next two games were practically blow outs with Kansas beating Pennsylvania  76-60 and Duke winning against Iona 89-67.

Loyola vs. Miami was the first upset and it was crazy. Miami had the lead by the first half, but lost it late in the second. Fighting to make up points in the second half, they began missing free throws and making simple mistakes.

However, they were able to recover and when it seemed said and done, Donte Ingram drained a fade away three pointer with .4 seconds left on the clock. This lead to there not being nearly enough time for Miami to get a shot off and the Loyola Ramblers took the win.

After that, 5 seed Ohio State beat 12 seed South Dakota 81-73, and 8 seed Seton Hall easily beat 9 seed NC State.

The next game to be played was Radford vs. Villanova which it was no surprise for the number 1 seed to blow right past the 16 seed with an 87-61 final.

A more close scoring game was Texas Tech against SF Austin. The 14 seed had the lead at some parts of the second half, but in the end Texas Tech proved they were the better team by taking a 10 point lead to finish it off.

Next, Houston was able to get the win against San Diego State, with Rob Gray Jr. carrying the 6 seed team, scoring a total of 39 points, including the game winning layup, leaving almost no time on the clock.4

These were just some of the games from the first day of the NCAA Tournament, with still many more unbelievable games to come.