Melanie Kibler


LMC – This week is the start of all the spring sports, but it’s not just that.  It is also the end of winter sports and with that the end of Ski Club

Ski Club is an opportunity for the students of LMC to go to the slopes and ski together as a group.  The club used to go to Timber Ridge, but this year they have been going to Bittersweet Ski Resort.

This year the club has been able to go skiing more weeks than ever before, since the last couple of years have been warm and all the snow melted.  Now we are again at the point in winter when everything melts and the members have to except that this is the end of this year’s skiing trips.

Just because they are over does not mean that the members will not look back at the memories that they made.  Some of the members of the club have been asked what their favorite memories from this year were and here they are…

“My favorite memory was probably going up the magic carpet and then trying to ski down the magic carpet and then tripping Andrew Glotzbach.  Another favorite memory was playing mafia on the bus th entire way there and the entire way back. I got mafia every time and always killed Cole because no one believed him that I was the mafia.”  Explains sophomore Kathleen Krieger.

Ninth grader, Michael Golding tell what his favorite memory was.  “My favorite memory is when I was going up the ski lift and somewhere along the way I lost my ski, but didn’t notice it.  Then when I got to the top I realized that I didn’t have my other ski on. Then my friends had to go down and get it.”

“My favorite memory was watching John Mansfield falling whenever he went down the hill,” says freshman Andrew Glotzbach.

Ninth grader Kaela Groppel recalls what the best part of her ski experience was. “I was trying to get on the ski lift and I missed it, so I was kinda sitting on the pole.  Then I fell off as it was going up. My other favorite memory was when almost all the people on the bus formed a truth or dare circle and all played it.”

“My favorite part was when we discovered our first trail that wasn’t on the pat and went down it, that was pretty awesome.”  Says sophomore Bailey Siglow.

It wasn’t just the high schoolers that participated in Ski Club, it was also the middle schoolers.  

“My favorite part about ski club was when went off the trail onto the paths and saw all the beautiful trees and woods.  Also whenever we went over the rocks are skis sparked them.” Seventh grader Chloe Kibler tells us.

Sixth grader Kyra Kriger talks about her favorite memory. “I really liked getting on the hills I was scared of.”

Everyone had lost of fun during ski club and, while they are happy for the sun, they are sad that this part of winter has to end.