Caroline Miota

LMCES GYMNASIUM-  The Lake Michigan Catholic Drama Club’s spring production of Schoolhouse Rock Live opened with a bang last Friday, March 16. This production, which conglomerates eighteen of classic Schoolhouse Rock anthems, both presents audiences with fundamental principles and rules of mathematics, American history, grammer, and social studies, and also provides viewers with a nostalgic ninety minutes of unforgettable musical enjoyment. It is a play like no other as it seamlessly incorporates education and entertainment.

Schoolhouse Rock Live tells the tale of Miss Kibler’s morning as she tries to prepare for her first day as a teacher. She is then visited by the Schoolhouse Rock cast who reminds her how fun learning can be.

Some highlights of Schoolhouse Rock Live include Kasey Ristow’s powerful rendition of Sufferin’ ‘til Suffrage, a number which tells the tale of the long trek towards women’s rights. Another memorable moment was Chloe Kibler’s beautiful dancing and singing combination in Figure Eight.

Junior Caleb Conklin, who attended Saturday’s performance, agrees as he adds that, “Kibler is really good at dancing.”  

Cast lead, Melanie Kibler, reflects on the opening weekend of shows, while she believes there is still room to improve. She is also proud of the cast as they were able to put on a really good show.

“Tech week really paid off as we were working six hours a night seven days a week.”

The polished finish product that was displayed Friday night, however, did not happen overnight and required months of hard work. One of the difficulties which the cast faced was bouts of inattentive middle schoolers who at times failed to listen. This problem was eventually overcome and the show was able to continue progressing well.

As a whole, Drama Club is a great chance to have fun while learning important life skills like public speaking and cooperation with others in a team environment. Melania Kibler also says that she has progressed significantly in her confidence and public speaking skills from when she first started drama in fourth grade to now as she finishes the school year as a sophomore.

This weekend, March 23 through 25, there will be three more productions, two Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. and another Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Make sure you do not miss these great opportunities to support your fellow Lakers and to enjoy a great night of music and memories!