Jack Janson

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- Dick’s Sporting Goods responded to the Florida school shooting in a very powerful way by getting rid of assault weapons and also raising the age to get a gun. I am happy to see that they have finally gotten rid of these dangerous weapons.

It is way to easy for people to buy these military style weapons. I do not see any reason for them other than the fear of the U.S. government becoming corrupt. Although this most likely won’t happen, I do think it is good to be prepared.

Although that may be one good reason there are almost no others and that should not permit 18 year olds to purchase and use one.

These dangerous weapons should not be so easily acquired and permitted.

Dick’s also responded by raising the age to buy any types of guns. Walmart also raised the age of buying guns.

To me this just doesn’t make much sense. I agree that the age of assault rifles should be raised, but to raise the age of hunting weapons is not very fair.

Young adults should be able to purchase hunting weapons such as shotguns, handguns, and hunting rifles, when they are the legal age. It would be very difficult to conduct a mass shooting using a hunting weapon. Raising the age to purchase these weapons is ridiculous and should definitely be reconsidered.

I am glad to see that Dick’s is trying to make it more difficult to get a hold of these dangerous semi-automatic weapons, however, I am disappointed to see that they have raised the age to buy regular hunting weapons.