Jack Janson


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Last wednesday, after mass, the new LMC faith families kicked off. Students from all different grades gathered in there mostly random families to get to know each other a little better. Within each family there was at least one 12th grader to lead the discussion. The students were put in groups where the staff thought they would interact well, but they mainly avoided puting good friends in the same group.

To start off the meeting everyone was asked to say there name, grade, and where they are from. Next, the students played the game two truths and a lie where each person thought of two true thing about themself and one false thing about themself. After that, the students were asked to share their idea of what they are giving up for lent (unless it was personal).

Finally, the students played a game and the meeting was concluded.

Sophomore at LMC, John Mansfield said, “I think it’s a good activity for after mass.”

Although Mr. Heath said it did not go exactly as planned, it was a good way to get to know who the people in the groups are.

I was able to talk to Lake Michigan Catholic principal about the new Faith Families and he said, “I think people are confused on the purpose. The reason for faith families is to make people feel like they belong here. They are not mainly focused on the faith.”

The Lake Michigan Catholic high school/middle school was not the first school to have this idea. The LMC elementary school has been doing these faith families all year. This is how Mr. Heath got the idea in the first place.

The Elementary School principal, Mr. Hoskins, is the one who originally came up with the idea and shared it with Mr. Heath.

The Faith Families may combine with the elementary school also. Mr. Heath says that maybe there will be a couple of days when the high school and middle school students go over to the elementary school to meet and talk to their counterparts.

Another idea that Mr. Heath said was that there could be a basketball game where the students got in free and then sat with their Faith Families.

Usually, these meetings within the high school/ middle school will take place once a month after masses on wednesdays. Based on what Mr. Heath has said to me, it is safe to assume that Faith Families will be fairly different in the upcoming meetings.