Ashley Herrera

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- For a sophomore fundraiser the sophomore student council is selling Pura Vida bracelets for 5 dollars. The Pura Vida bracelets that the sophomore councils are selling the bracelets that are also being sold for great causes around the world.

Like Saving the Dolphins, including many aware diseases, and with Education and Children.

Bailey Siglow, Sophomore, is the president of \the student council and she was trying to find a fundraiser. Something that people would want to buy that’s cheap and affordable and yet something that could help around the world.

Some of the bracelets the sophomore student council are selling the charity bracelets in which go to causes like saving the animals.

Some even to the army forces and around the world to help with the destruction of hurricanes or tsunamis. They are normally sold for 6 to 10 dollars and depending on what foundation you’re buying it from. The sophomore student council includes Claire Duris, Hayden Starr, Emily Lage, John Mansfield, and Ben Johnston. They are selling the bracelets for 5 dollars with many different options so if you’re interested see them for more.

Bailey Siglow, sophomore, explains why she chose these bracelets as a fundraiser to sell throughout the school.

“They are really trendy and since there gender inclusive which are for boys and girls that they can use every day. They are not really useful but it’s something that people would want to get and buy and it goes towards a great cause.”

The Pura Vida bracelets are selling for five dollars each, if you want any questions or comments please see Bailey Siglow. If you would like to purchase any of these bracelets see the sophomore student council.