Caroline Miato

Western Michigan University– Saturday, March 3rd, was the national History Day district competition, hosted at the Western Michigan University Bernhard Center. This year’s theme was “conflict and compromise in history.”

Lake Michigan Catholic was able to send a combination of nine freshman and sophomores, and had five advance further to the state round, which will be April 28th, at Bay City. Those initially selected include: Melanie Kilber, Chloe Simmons, Kasey Ristow, Sarah Jannings, John Mansfield, Madi Herzog, Leah Brucal, Katie Glendening, and Celeste Herrera.

The project started months earlier as freshman and sophomores were required to choose from the five categories: paper, documentary, website, exhibit, or performance; however, no one chose performance.

This project counted for their midterm exam in the course. A class competition would then be held to decide which students would go on to compete at the district level.

Freshman, Katie Glendening entered a documentary in the senior individual category. This video would amount to ten minutes in length. She says that through her project she learned a lot about her topic, prohibition, and was able to apply it to her life.

“I live near an old smuggler’s house and am now afraid to go near it.”

In the competition, itself, she says that she was initially scared, because there was a lot of people, but she soon realized that there was only one other person in her category, so her fear dissipated.  

Sarah Jannings, John Mansfield, Chloe Simmons, Katie Glendening, and Kasey Ristow are Lake Michigan Catholic’s five contestants for the state competition. If any students advance from this round, they will then compete at the University of Maryland, which is the national meet.

We wish the Lake Michigan Catholic contestants the best as they compete and continue to prepare for the state meet!