Jack Janson

HARPER CREEK HS- After winning their district finals against Michigan Lutheran High School, the Lake Michigan Catholic Lakers were able to advance to regionals. Their first round game was against the Bellevue Broncos, who had been to regionals several times before.

The game started off with the Broncos winning the jump ball, due to there size advantage on the court. That was not the last time that the Lakers lack of height played a factor into the game. Throughout the game, Bellevue was able to recover an abundance of rebounds.

Also, many of the Broncos points were easy layups that were finished almost every time. A lot of the time they stole the ball, quickly made a counter attack, and picked of an easy two points.

The Bellevue defence seemed to really put the pressure on the Lakers, forcing a total of 17 turnovers. After that they were able to almost always make the easy bucket.

That was their main way of scoring their 64 points. Another way they were able to reach this score was by drawing fouls. Bellevue consistently drew fouls and they were able to finish all of their free throws.

Three pointers were not a source of points for either of the two teams, with only two three’s for bellevue and three for the Lakers, scored by Laker seniors Tommy Koenig and Jack Howard. This seemed to be the main problem for LMC in the game. They just could not get in the rhythm with their shots and that’s really what heart them.

Late in the second half the non starters came on to the court to play in the last game of their season and some of them the last game of their career.

In the end, Lake Michigan Catholic was only able to score 29 points, most of which were scored by senior, Tanner Nutting who got 12 points. This horrible beat down was probably not the way many of the seniors wanted to end their high school basketball career, but they did get the district win, which is a very big accomplishment for this great team.