Jack Janson

INTERNATIONAL- As spring approaches people from all around the world swing their clocks back an hour, due to the daylights savings. This well known event occurs twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. This years daylights savings time started on March 11 and ended on November 4th.

Even though we do this continually, many people fail to understand the meaning and reason of why we do this.

A very well known myth is that it was invented so that farmers would have more daylight to work but in fact this is not true.

“It doesn’t really do much now. It does help later in the summer when we need a little bit more light in the evenings, but now we have lights on our equipment so it doesn’t really matter.” Says freshman at LMC who helps run a family farm.

Daylights savings time was first created by founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin. He thought of this so that people would not have to waste energy on lightings and instead use the natural light from the sun.

Although he was happy with his idea and knew it was great, it was not until about a century later that it was officially used.

Also, it was not the United States that used this great invention first. It was during the first world war, in the year 1916, that Germany took advantage of this brilliant idea in order to save coal, which could then be used for the soldiers who were in need of extra coal to produce their electricity.

It was not until 1918 that the U.S. also began using this system. However, after the war they stopped using the system. About 20 years later World War II began, which led to all countries permanently keeping the system.

However, when this was finally made official, many people disagreed with it and did not follow the daylights savings time system.

Then Congress passed the Uniform Time Act which made states who did use daylights savings change their clocks on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday of October.

Today, 78 out of the 195 countries in the world use this system, including the U.S. which recognizes it as an acceptable way to conserve energy and bring us more sunlight.

Next time you grumble or complain about waking up an hour early, just remember the amount of energy we are saving in that nine month period.